7 Social Media Tips (For Musicians Who Would Rather Do Anything But)

For some people, social media is simply a fun way to keep up with friends and family, to share what’s going on in their lives and sometimes even, to getting inspired. Others may prefer to stay off the social grid. But for aspiring or up-and-coming musicians, social media is one of the greatest tools for self promotion.

Why? If fans are looking to learn more about your music, they’ll likely try to find your website, or access your tunes through sites like ReverbNation. But if your fans are looking to learn more about YOU, they’ll turn to social media.

Social media has risen in popularity significantly over time and it shows no signs of slowing down. So here are some tips for increasing your social media presence (even if you’re a musicians who’d rather do anything but).

  1. Make a plan. What do you want to use your social media accounts to say about you and your music? Decide what you plan to communicate on your profiles and gear your main messaging and posts towards that overall plan.
  2. Know where your fans are. There are subsets of each social media channel for special interest. Look at where conversations are taking place about the industry and about your subset of music and join in where you can.
  3. Interact. All social media sites are built for interaction. You’ll gain visibility for your social site by both following and liking pages that interest you and interacting with the content where it makes sense. Comment on Facebook posts you enjoy. Retweet twitter content you find informative. And share content often.
  4. Learn from the best. Which musicians do you think do a good job promoting their music on social media? Use their profiles as a reference for how your social media content should look. Don’t copy them, but take what you think is great about their posts and use them as influence for your own.
  5. Clean up your act. We all know the friend who has videos on his/her YouTube or Facebook that should just be taken down. If you want your music to be taken seriously, get rid of any content that may already exist on your social pages that could put you in a bad light.
  6. Create consistency. Your social media posts should all reflect you and your personal brand. Having social sites designated for personal updates and connecting is fine.. But on the accounts you plan to use to promote your music, make sure your posts stay consistent with your personal brand as a musician.
  7. Plan ahead. If you plan ahead, you can maximize your time on social media without having to make it a daily component of your life. Sites like Hootsuite and Buffer offer options to pre-schedule social posts and give suggestions for the best times to post on each site based on your industry and target audience.


Need tips on building your brand or help with promoting your music? Jenna Marie is an independent music marketing and promotions consultant based in Minneapolis and can work with you on your specific needs. Contact her at info@jennamariepr.com.

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