Grab a Coffee and Discuss Your Music Goals With Jenna Marie PR

I’m excited to announce I will be accepting new clients beginning this May!

I offer a free, 60-minute coffee shop consultation to musicians looking to discuss career goals, current needs and what I can offer. During this consultation, we will address things like…

  • Strategies to building your personal brand to represent your music offerings
  • How to build a presence and better promote your music on social media
  • How to develop a marketing strategy to reach your target audience
  • How to catch the attention of reporters and publicists at your shows and events
  • Building an effective online presence that best showcases your work
  • How to use e-marketing and collateral distribution to effectively gain recognition

And so much more! Each new client consultation is different as I work to create a plan specific to each person’s unique career goals and needs.

Want to meet to determine if we are a good fit and to get things started? Reach out to me at to set up your consultation.


Need tips on building your brand or help with promoting your music? Jenna Marie is an independent music marketing and promotions consultant and can work with you on your specific needs. Contact her at

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