My Philosopy, Building Your Marketing Plan as a Musician

By: Jenna Marie

My experience in both music and marketing, throughout my career, has led me to have extensive knowledge on the inner-workings of music reporting and event execution.

Since 2009, I’ve written countless articles about the local music and arts scene of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and more recently, the Twin Cities – interviewing up-and-coming musicians and reviewing local shows, venues and music-related events.

I’ve watched numerous musicians move up the ladder of success and have, over time, learned the importance of building a personal brand and using that brand to stand out in the industry and make your music known to the world.

Since 2012, I’ve dabbled in nearly every aspect of marketing, from conducting market research and developing strategic marketing strategies, to product communications, promotion and distribution. I’ve carried out countless lead generation campaigns to varied and targeted markets through social media and e-marketing and I’ve helped to promote events, big and small.

I’ve worked with a team to built up a brand that I’m proud to represent – from start-up to nationally known – and have learned how to apply my journalistic writing and reporting style to brand marketing and promotions, to give a company and product personality – and to stand out and be known.

My passion for music and comprehensive marketing experience has led me to where I am today. I know that, while the music industry is a fun place to be, without a plan in place it can often feel like you are just moving along with no clear direction.

Having a strategic marketing plan in place that showcases your unique brand and offerings is the key to your success in the music industry. It’s my philosophy – and my goal as an independent music marketing and promotions consultant is to help aspiring and up-and-coming musicians get there.

The industry is filled with passionate musicians looking to live out their dreams, but not sure how best to get there – and I love being a part of that journey!

Are you ready to get started on building out YOUR unique brand music brand and marketing strategy? I am accepting new clients beginning this May and am offering a free, 60-minute consultation to determine if we are a fit and to get things started.

Contact me at to set up your free consultation!

Need tips on building your brand or help with promoting your music? Jenna Marie is an independent music marketing and promotions consultant and can work with you on your specific needs. Contact her at


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