I have spent years working within the marketing and music industries – and throughout those years, have learned countless aspects of branding and promotions and have gained extensive knowledge on the inner-workings of the music industry and event execution.

I have been an active writer covering the local music scene of Eau Claire, WI and the Twin Cities since 2009 – interviewing up-and-coming musicians and reviewing local shows, venues and music-related events.

I have worked with professional marketing teams, overseeing nearly every aspect of the marketing world since 2012: from conducting market research and developing campaign strategies, to creating product communications, promotion and distribution. I have carried out lead generation campaigns to varied and targeted markets through social media and e-marketing and I have helped promote events, both big and small.

I have watched numerous musicians move up the ladder of success and learned that, while creating music is rewarding, without a plan in place it can feel like you are stagnating or moving with no clear direction. That’s why I believe having a strategic marketing plan in place that showcases your unique brand and offerings is the key to success in the music industry. It’s my goal as an independent music marketing and promotions consultant to help aspiring musicians get there.

The industry is filled with passionate musicians looking to live out their dreams, unsure of how best to get there – and I love being a part of that journey!

Contact me at info@jennamariepr.com to set up a free consultation.


With 6+ years of music industry and marketing experience, Jenna Marie is an independent music publicist and marketing consultant for Minnesota musicians. Need tips on building your brand or help with promoting your music? Contact her at info@jennamariepr.com for more information.


Jenna Marie can help you develop your personal brand, gain promotion and increase your music industry footprint, regardless of what stage you’re at in your music career. Contact Jenna Marie PR at info@jennamariepr.com to learn more.